Satanic American Currency!

This is a follow-up video that summarizes all of the destruction of America videos documenting the strange images printed on the American currency.  It is not by accident but is a demonically inspired plan by the illuminati to use America to fulfill its role in the coming New World Order.  The currency shows the destruction of America.  In the Occult world blood sacrifice is important to gain favor with the demonic realm.  The illuminati symbolize America with the Phoenix, the American people have been told it is a Eagle.  This is a lie.  Every kid knows from watching Harry Potter that Dumbledore’s Phoenix Fox immolates (burn up in fire).  That is what is scheduled for America.  America is a phoenix that is going to immolate to bring in the New World Order.  They will conduct nuclear strikes on America to destroy the old order and bring in the New World Order.  This is all Satanic.  The Elite serve the Devil and will sacrifice 95% of humanity according to the Georgia Guidestones.

Destruction is coming and those who are not saved by Jesus Christ will perish and suffer eternal damnation.  Please accept Christ today.  Follow along with the salvation message below and join the kingdom of the living God, Jesus Christ Amen!


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