MK Ultra Conspiracy Behind The Diane Reidy House Freemason Rant

This post has some merit to those of us who have studied Josef Megele and the Nazi experimentation with MK Ultra.  The CIA has been engaged for years with sleeper assassin programming and many of us have no idea about Diane Reidy and the people who surround her.  It is apparent to me that the Obama administration has staged fake allegations against Christians in the past.  I remember the Jesus AK-47 shooter that shot at the White House and how the media had pictures and everything of this person within a couple of minutes with confessions from his girl friend etc.  Then we had the Obama Antichrist rant that was performed by an Obama staffer to make it look like Christians are crazy.  So this is where we end up when you have pervasive lies daily out of Washington.  A population suspicious of what is going on in Washington.

I know plenty of Christians that get prompted by the Holy Spirit to wake up and pray about something that is pressuring their soul.  I know that most Christians fully sympathize with what Mrs. Reidy had to say.  Deception is the key word for today.  The government is engaged in a full Psychological warfare campaign (PsyOps)  against the American people.  The recent Navy Yard shooting has been associated with ELF technology and the shooter carved ELF into his weapon.   The truth is we know that Christians are the main target of the United States government.  Christians have been described in government manuals as terrorists.  So you need to be on your toes and prayerful.  The world is antichristian, they do not want Jesus.  They just want peace and prosperity which they will never get with Satan running things.


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