Democracy is Dead in America! Hear The Goosestepping Of Troops?

John Boehner as I contend, a Jesuit lackey for the Vatican, shows his obvious contempt for the American Democratic Process in the House by changing the rules of the House denying the free speech that our government was built to support.  If representatives of government are not allowed to put forward any other opposing idea than the Speakers idea then we don’t have a Representative Republic.   Readers of my blog know that I believe there is a one party system represented in Washington DC.  The Republicans represent the Fascist elements, multinational special interests, and The Democrats represent Neo-Marxist Communists.  Both are working together to destroy freedom and bring in The Beast System.

As a Christian I will continue to bring forward these obvious losses of rights to live in a free society as long as we have the internet.  Christian persecution is fully supported by both parties in Washington and others will lose all their rights as well.  So America just keep watching your sports until the power goes off.  Maybe Camp FEMA will have cable?


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