“American Blackout” Illuminati Media Terrorism!


Don’t relax because you think that some magical deal has been struck in Washington to keep America solvent.  The Fact is that there is No Debt Limit and Obama lied to every American yesterday.  They are still going to go through with the destruction of the Petro Dollar and bring down the United States of America.  There are several videos showing riot police training for when the dollar crashes.  I am posting this video to show you that just like the United States currency shows witchcraft images depicting the destruction of America, “American Blackout” shows you the story that they want you to know before the power goes out.  If the government has been digging DUMBS for 50 years then they could have hardened our power systems if they were really interested in keeping the public safe.  All this garbage is to bring in the New World Order and betray America.  Just think of all of KESHA’s teenage audience singing “We are Going to Die Young” after playing years of Grand Theft Auto for years when they realize the power is not coming back on!

Power Grid X drills scheduled for November to shut down America under the guise of having safety drills.

$100 Dollar Bill Decrypted Showing Destruction of America


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