The New World Order Is Waging War On American Soil!

This is the end game plan by the New World Order.  They are going after every American by attacking us in our food supplies and housing.  The scum in Washington DC are getting prepared to provoke martial law.  Pure chaos is what they want and is what they are planning.  Destruction by Design.

I also notice that this is occurring near the solar eclipse of November 3rd.  I will be putting out a separate video on the occult ritual significance of November 3rd.  Occultists love blood sacrifice and emotional distress on populations on specific solar dates.

November is going to be a Federal Government instigated war on Americans and the three comets including Ison is coming  with Thanksgiving & Hanukkah November 28th occurring on the same day.

Those who are spiritual warriors, get busy assaulting the Principalities that are driving these Satanists.  The Father of Lies children are running this nation.

Occult Terrorism in America


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