Millions Evicted When Section 8 Is Not Funded By November 1st!

It is obvious to me after posting the EBT Riot post that the FEMA Region III warning by RevMichelle Hopkins stating that the Federal gubment have all their personnel certified in side arms and shotguns was for this coming November.  Now this post discusses another monumental pending government sponsored tragedy.  Provoking the American people and instigating Sal Alinsky chaos is the only thing that Obama and his NWO friends know.    This government is dedicated to Treason!

Brace yourselves and get praying and fasting to overcome this premeditated evil.  Real Americans in the tradition of The Greatest Generation will not cave to the threats of the Neo-Nazi, Neo-Marxist New World Order Satanists.  Pray that many will see the light and come to Christ.


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