Pre-Planned EBT Riots Promoted By The Federal Government to Institute Martial Law!

Many of us thought that the EBT Walmart riots this weekend was a test case to see how the American people would react.  Of course the citizens behaved horribly and rampaged a Walmart.  What you are seeing is the application of Sal Alinsky tactics to provoke a reaction from the American public.  Obama and his Wall Street banksters are making their move to terrorize the American people.  Now you can see the reasoning behind enrolling so many people onto welfare and providing EBT cards.  They planned on one day pulling the rug out from under the citizens.  Can you people say martial law when people start rioting like maniacs.  It will all be because of Obama and his New World Order Masters.

Spread this video because the members of this government are a bunch of liars.

PS: Start buying food for friends and family on EBT and also notify your pastors so they can stock up on their church foodbanks.  Time is short.


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