New Comet Ison Data 10/15/13

It seems that the exit trajectory of Ison has changed.  People have been looking for new information since Ison passed Mars.

I believe that the New World Order is going to use whatever earth events that occur from the 3 comets passing earth in December to coordinate with their plans to destroy the United States and enter the globe into WWIII.

Comet Ison & The Royals Post (Click Here)


2 thoughts on “New Comet Ison Data 10/15/13

  1. I agree the new world order will look at these comets for a way to bring to pass plans for war…man has always taken events in life to put their dirty works into being……………..this reminds me of the mind control of David Korash and other false prophets who took many to an early grave.If they can get the people to believe their lie,many will be in fear of an event that will not materialize.Remember when the calendar was about to turn to the year 2000.So many stocked up on things only to learn the world did’nt end and here we are 13 years past!We are told in Matthew 24 of the different signs,but this is so we know the time is near,for no one knows what day the Lord will return.God bless This website,it is very enlightening.

    is’nt going to pass,just as all those people when

    • Thanks Julia for your great posts. I always read them. I think when people look at 2000 and now you can see 9/11, the patriot act, 2008 financial collapse, Obama, The NDAA, endless war and all the NSA spying. Then you can see the writing on the wall. What seals it for me is all the secret society members of Congress intentionally destroying our country for their coming Antichrist savior. Tom Horn in Zenith 2016 clearly decrypts what the Freemasons have been working toward for the entire history of the United States. Thanks for your feedback.

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