Assassins Creed Tattoo Trailer Promotes “Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law”

I have always stated that I love advances in technology and the amazing leaps in video entertainment has been amazing.  The thing that I focus on is not the incredible potential that is possible in media but the “Fallen” programmers of modern cinema.  The Spirit behind what is being promoted this year is amazing to me.  Since the Mayan December 21, 2012 date the country has steadily moved into a very dark Satanic path.

Assassins Creed has been a very popular videogame Title that has fascinated me since its debut because it is so blatantly Masonic in describing to the youth the Freemason Templars & Assassins story lines.  This is an amazing video accomplishment from a technical background and is definitely very impressive.  However, this Tattoo trailer clearly describes an Aleister Crowley, “Do As Thou Wilt” philosophy, A Satanic philosophy.

What is of interest in the video is of course the skull & bones imagery, the promotion of violence and vices, and the spirit which drives the pirates, Lucifer.  The imagery of breaking of bonds or chains is very symbolic of the watcher angels that have been shackled until the opening of the Revelation 9:11 pit.  Also showing the hooded initiates like Harry Potter and other occult movies is cleverly done in this video.  The father of lies. A murderer from the beginning and the Father of rebellion.  This was the same spirit that caused the Atheist Revolution known as the French Revolution.  Here are the Freemasons, the anarchists who promote rebellion from God putting out their Satan worship to an unsuspecting public.

Again, Technology is not the problem, the evil hearts and demonic spirits behind the programmers is what shows you the sin nature of humanity.   Christ will put an end to this demonic world once and for all very soon.


Of course notice the Freemason symbols, skull & bones symbols.  The skull represents the spirit of the pit.  The resurrection of Osiris.


Also notice the use of the RED 18, this is a clever way of hiding the Satanic 6+6+6.  I also commented on this same 18 in my movie post on Escape Plan


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