Truckers to shut down Washington and arrest Congressman for Treason!

Truckers are descending on Washington this Friday October 11th to arrest Congressman for violating their oath to uphold the Constitution.  I am sure that the Obama administration and treasonous Republicans will have some type of False Flag in the pipelines to avoid this confrontation.  Just think people how many official news outlets have called for President Obama to be impeached.  I can’t think of one news organization to bring up the issue to the American people.  So here we have a powder keg moment and we will see if this is the martial law event that Washington has been planning for with all their illegal executive orders.

Pray for America and the law abiding citizens!  God willing the Bankers cronies in Washington will flee like roaches into their holes.

Twitter is now involved in attacking the information that the truckers are going to shut down Washington, DC.

Twitter Story


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