NTEB Reports that Breitbart & Clancy murdered by Obama Administration

Jim Garrow reveals on (Now The End Begins) (NTEB) that the Obama administration murdered Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy.  It just keeps getting worse and worse with every passing day.  My problem is not that Obama and his banker patrons are scum, it is that The Republicans and media know this information and are cooperating in protecting the destruction of The United States of America.

The story breaks at the 50 minute mark in the Link below:

Story Link

Jim Garrow says “Valerie Jarrett” Iranian Marxist Muslim most evil woman in the world runs America.  She dictates the day to day working within the White House.  Martial law is the goal to remove all last rights in America.

I am posting this material so others can be informed.  The only way to stop criminals is to shine the light of day on them and make them scurry for their holes.  Pray for the intervention of God in protecting the law abiding citizens of the United States from Washington criminals.

This just clarifies for me that new The Freedom Tower in NYC  was built to signify the rule of Islam over America.  Satan’s satanic 666 army will be Islam.


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