Is Judas Iscariot The Biblical AntiChrist Beast of The Book of Revelation?

Here is a teaching that many or most  church going people have never heard before.  I am posting this 2 part sermon because pastor Greg Miller lays out a case for Judas being the Son of Perdition.  Really interesting teaching.  Is the teaching scripturally Biblical and can people challenge the conclusions made in this sermon with scripture?  The knee jerk reaction is to say that can’t be since I never heard of this from a pulpit before this posting.  I will leave it up to you to do your own research from scripture and bring it before the Lord.

Part 1 Sermon

Part 2 Sermon


15 thoughts on “Is Judas Iscariot The Biblical AntiChrist Beast of The Book of Revelation?

  1. Amen Tim – great teaching as always from Pastor Greg Miller. I can also recommend The Mark of the Beast DVD by Dr Peter Ruckman on the same subject but more detail.

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  3. Ruckman erred in his interpretation or his supposed revelation about Judas. Acts 1:25 if using the commas, that I believe were correctly inserted in KJV 1611 bible. iT speaks of whichever was selected between Justus or Mathias. You can turn a sentence around with commas. It also would read ‘ THAT HE MAY TAKE PART OF THIS MINISTRY AND APOSTLESHIP, THAT HE MIGHT GO TO HIS OWN PLACE, WHICH JUDAS BY TRANSGRESSION FELL. I was shown the original statement by a Ruckmanite but Peter Ruckman had to remember how commas are used and that those sections can be turned around to show the real meaning. Ruckman made it sound like it was mainly talking of Judas going to eternity unto his own place when the sentence structuring using the commas said other wise. I BELIEVE it meant Mathias took judas place among the apostles. Thank you Jesus for the understanding. Looks like Dr. Ruckman had one of those PRIVATE INTERPRETATION MOMENTS which God’s Word, KJB AV 1611 SPOKE of as wrong.

  4. Let me add that I know nothing about Dr. Ruckman or the preacher on this page except that they are divisive. There is enough condemnation in God’s word for sinners without adding insults. Let the Word strongly condemn sin without p.c. interpretation and save sinners. Also a true mature Christian respects others and listens to opinions using the Bible with good hermeneutics to defend and correct error in true believers’ opinions and being fearless in condemning the wolves in sheep’s clothing using Scriptures.. For good commentary on Judas listen to Steve Chronister.

    • I listened to both now and I was wrong. My points I write later are valid as general statements though. Dr. Ruckman is actually very good. I thought he was divisive because excerpts of his sermons I had were written, but when listening to him he is simply using wit to make a statement. If I call you a fool as an example as a friend with a laugh and a good natured pat on the back because you went outside without a coat in the rain, it is not the same as shouting, “you fool” at you. Pastor Miller is quite good too. My last comment.

      • In other words what was written isn’t how he said it. And I think that the excerpts were intentionally done in a way to make Dr. Ruckman look bad. Shame on me for not listening first. I know better.

    • Greg Miller is a wonderful Pastor. His church is full of sound doctrine. I was wrong on him too. I should have listened first instead of jumping in so quickly. His webpage is not anti anything except anti bad doctrine; and the gay rights agenda Catholic dogma is bad doctrine. There are saved Catholics, but that is because they reject the false Gospel out of Rome ( there are saved Catholics, but it is not because of the Catholic Church, it is in spite of its teachings). Now my general statement above is true except that it doesn’t apply to Mr. Miller. I have already retracted my statement about Dr. Ruckman. I am replying again so what I wrote earlier isn’t misunderstood.

  5. I hate to keep adding things, but I want to be clear.. I am not saying that Mr. Miller or Dr. Ruckman are the wolves in my last post. I have only listened to limited sermons from them so I know little about them. Too, what I have heard leads me to believe that they are sincere Christians and that they make many compelling points; points which can be lost because they insult nonbelievers. So I am saying that a preacher should be bold like Adrian Rogers and love unbelievers like Adrian Rogers. Call sin, sin; apostasy apostasy. Be strong and hard hitting. But you should tell a man that he is hell bound and a reprobate with the Word without telling him, as a stupid example, that his kids are ugly. God’s Word will tell a man hard and damning truths though and save him.

    • Thanks for the very thoughtful comment on this interesting topic. Within the body of Christ there are many personalities. I have always believed these different people appeal to certain groups that wouldn’t be reached by other approaches. I appreciate your feedback.

    • Let me add too, it isn’t Pastor Miller that is the problem. I like him and listen to him. He is smart, bold and kind. So I am talking about his website. The Gospel and the Bible are what you preach with without using phrases like anti-Catholic and anti-sodomite on the church’s webpage as beliefs. There is enough in the Bible to condemn sin with without driving away the lost by this. Let God’s Word do it then that the lost are at fault without excuse. Preach against false doctrine and a false lifestyle, but don’t drive away the lost before they listen. All real Christians understand the Catholic dogma is complete heresy and Antichrist; and that homosexuality is a grievous sin. I agree too that there is also destruction of the the true church body with ecumenicism, but you only preach to the choir, not to the lost if your webpage bold faces anti-Catholic and anti-sodomite. Leave the preaching to the preacher where he can have at it; let the website condemn with Scripture to state points if needed .To conclude, mature Christians respect individuals. We condemn heresy and the acceptance of the sin.

      • The church and pastor are very solid, loving and full of scripture knowledge. Please listen to Pastor Miller. My point was about two words on the belief page I stated above, not the sermon content or the preaching or anything else. We need to preach even if it upsets people with the Truth so that they escape hell by real faith in Christ. Also Jesus Christ will heal those with broken spirits and lives, but not by the fake signs and wonders movement which Pastor Miller preaches against boldly. Walking with the Lord does not mean that you will be healed of paralysis in this life, and Mr. Miller is right on because he will tell you this. I just don’t want the lost to not enter the site to hear the good preaching on it because of two words

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