Lucifer, London, Royals, & Comet Ison October 14th Anointing A Coming Prince!

I am writing this article from a Christian perspective and not as a Luciferian.  What is interesting to me as I have documented on this blog is that the explosion of information is almost becoming overwhelming.  This is significant because that which was hidden from the public by the Satanic ruling class is being exposed on a daily basis.  Most people have been conditioned to support and worship the Royals and all their events without ever knowing what is behind their power.

This article exposes the Satanic Graffiti carved into the surface of London and all the hidden sorcery associated with what these people believe.  What you will see in this article is a Google earth presentation without the lines depicting the typical Owl Illuminati symbolism and Great Pyramid of Giza outline.  (PDF FILE OUTLINE TO VIEW WITH THIS VIDEO)

I highly recommend that you open the enclosed PDF Link in this article and put the 2 screens side by side as the video plays.  There is much more detail in the PDF and it will shock you related to the symbolism and the actual dates outlined.  I recommend that you read the PDF slowly and study the features and dates following the video.  Also circulate this material quickly because the significant dates are in the next few weeks.  There is an enormous amount of importance associated with the Comet Ison, so we are not just overblowing this fact.

It looks like to me that we are going to witness some New World Order Occult Enthronement types of rituals with the Royals, Satan, and the 2 significant dates listed.  The two significant dates address in this video are 1) October 14, 2003 & 2) October 23, 2013 (Skull & Bones 322 associated)


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