Ison, Earthquakes, Comets, Dreams & The Apocalypse

This is a great video that covers many Christian topics related to the coming of Jesus Christ.  Scottie puts together a great visual presentation from many sources that clearly shows that time is so short from days to a year.  Not a long period of time before the world is completely turned upside down.  Warnings are for people to get ready not to have people become less responsive to the message.  Don’t you think it is interesting with all the meteor activity that the United States  Government would shut down departments that would actually be most useful right now.  It means that they know something is up and they want to have plausible deniability when a major event occurs that they didn’t have fore warning do to the government shut down.  Christians can feel that something is very close.  It is time for all to repent and get right with Jesus.  You do not want to see loved ones go through the Tribulation.  It will be a slaughter house.


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