Possible FEMA 3 October Surprise Scenario!

Pastor Paul Begley discusses a disturbing scenario about the dysfunction in Washington.  It is my opinion that the role of Barack Obama is to destroy the Representative Republic of America.  We have been discussing the FEMA 3 alert for the past month and have witnessed the pre-staging of military assets throughout the Northeast.  There have been plenty of iphone pictures of troop movements.  The Republicans and Democrats are working together to begin their New World Order.  In my opinion we are going to see martial law implemented when the government actors pull off another false flag.  Once martial law is enacted it will not be cancelled because they don’t need to follow the law anymore.  That is what they want.  They can shoot you and not be held accountable under martial law.  So this is a powerful message being discussed.

True News Update Regarding the original Senators warning:


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