Satanic Apocalypse Foreshadowing in Music by the group Sound Garden

You know as your witnessing and talking to people and you hear their music and lyrics you begin to shake your head!  I know because I have been there as many other watchmen can remember from their youths.  Teenagers listen to hours of music for the beats of course and are oblivious to the lyrics but can recite them from their subconscious memory when the song begins to play.  So recently another Christian brother that has become aware of all the occult symbolism in everything jumping out at him commented on listening to his favorite music and was shocked to realize what were the lyrics to his favorite songs.  I agreed and said yes it is hard to actually recall many songs that did not push some occult agenda in the music.  So I want to share with you two easily recognizable songs from Rock group “Sound Garden”  This is especially beneficial for those that have had the scales removed from their eyes and ears and can see and hear the enemies message.


Things to notice are eye symbolism, skull T-shirt, crazy Christian portrayal, sheep, rapture symbolism.  Notice the glee with which the band is singing so that the Christians are removed and raptured leaving as you can see with the woman at the pool, “A Reptilian” serpent symbolism.  The Satanists are waiting with excitement over getting their time on earth with their Lord SATAN.   It was right there all the time and never clued into the imagery because of being blinded.


This is the official song of The Avengers Movie.  The Avengers being the collection of genetically altered Mark Of The Beast humans and Fallen Angels (Thor) & (Loki) that will gather together at the battle of Armageddon to face The Lord Jesus Christ.   There are several mentions in the movie to avenging the earth or (Gaia) spirit against the Galactic threat (Jesus).  Again the song is completely about Sun worship, the religion of the illuminati of course related to Satanism.  You can see all the Apocalyptic imagery that was in Black Hole Sun again being played in this enormously popular movie franchise.

I did this exercise to just show the difference that occurs when you can see and hear what is really going on in the Satanically spiritually run system of this world.  Even more reason to pray that God’s kingdom is established on earth as it is in heaven to finally be done with all this evil.


17 thoughts on “Satanic Apocalypse Foreshadowing in Music by the group Sound Garden



      Quite a stretch for a song that’s title came from a tv news anchor and Soundgarden didn’t even want to be in the video they didn’t even create.

      Be careful about professing what you think is in someone else’s heart and mind and especially motive or agenda. Spreading gossip about people you don’t know or things you don’t know about is certainly not Biblical.

  2. “Like the sun, we will live to rise”…. That actually works as a pretty decent summary of the entire Luciferian ideology, doesn’t it?

    The imagery of the black hole sun video is pretty unambiguous for sure! This is definitely a band that was pretty huge in this particular “watchmen’s” youth, so at some point I’m hoping to go back and dig a little deeper into whatever kinds of bizarre “establishment” connections there might have been to the supposedly organic musical “movement” that occurred in Seattle during the 90’s, and see if there might be echoes of the whole Laurel Canyon thing. (I certainly know much more about the music of the 90’s than I do about the 60’s…) The messages contained in the lyrics of bands like Soundgarden or Pearl Jam aren’t really difficult to parse out, but I suppose I’m just a little curious as to how much actual “handling”, either directly or indirectly, has gone on (or is going on) with bands such as these… They aren’t really part of the “Disney machine” but of course are still beholden to their record labels in the very least, so, anyways… Stay tuned I guess. The more I learn, the more I see how scripted everything really is, it’s kinda ridiculous…

  3. Are you freakin serious? It seems like all christians think that any type of weird videos apparentley means they are satanic. And fyi SoundGarden didnt get popular until ond of the last album they made before the band broke appart. They Cornell has been making songs since the 80s. And the theory of iluminati a band/group gets popular almost instantly. But calling SoundGarden and Pearl Jam”the band who made jeremy the song about anti-bullying” satanic?! are you freaking kidding me!? My family is southern babtist and catholic and they like SoundGarden! So you can be supper freaking christian but if you try to judge another great band how about you get some information instead of just assuming their satanic. PS its kind of hard to call Cornell satanib whenever he made the song hunger strike , doesnt remind me , cant change me , and the list goes on .

    • Mike, bless your heart for being so blind and ignorant. Soundgarden has always been a favorite of mine but I have known since the 1st time I saw them in concert that they are a satanic band. And Chris Cornell took that with him when he formed Audioslave. At Soundgarden shows to this day they come to the stage with track 1 from Badmotorfinger, “Searching With My Good Eye Closed.” That songs begins by telling the listener, “This is my good eye, do you hear a cow? A rooster says (rooster calling), here is a pig (sounds like a pig being slaughtered), The devil says (terrifying death scream). Read the lyrics to the Audioslave song Like a Stone and you should be able to see clearly. Cornell is very intelligent and he has obviously read the The Bible more than once. Like a Stone when listened to carefully with lyrics in front of you, is Cornell writing as if he were the devil himself writing about being cast out of heaven, being miserable about it, and vowing to make others share in that misery. Pearl Jam, not so evil in my opinion. Soundgarden are the current day Black Sabbath, no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

  4. 10 years ago I would have said you were ignorant. But I tend to agree a bit now. I saw Soundgarden 2 years ago with NIN, and sure enough it started with the Satan goes bit. The first three songs had a devil rising from flames being played on the back drop. I would post the video if I could. The sweat shirt my girlfriend bought Is supposed to be a butter fly. But turn it upside down. And ask someone, the answer is goat head. Everytime. I just don’t like them anymore. And it’s purely because it’s hidden And tried to be snuck in. I saw Marilyn Manson and, Slipknot just last summer. So close to Manson I could have slapped him. The video is on Facebook Aftershock 2015 page. I know the worship Satan. Doesn’t bother me. I enjoy the art. They’re live shows are amazing. But try and slip it in all sly, like in Stairway to Heaven. And it turns me off to a band forever.

    • Actually I was concerned about this song, so I listened to it today to make sure of my suspensions. I was wrong! He says ” Heaven send Hell away, No one sings like you anymore.” Also ” hang my head, drown my fears, until you all just disappear.” If you watch the video they see the huge amount of sin in the world, and want it to go away. The Bible says to not rush God’s hand, but that’s not what the are saying…. They are just tiered of seeing all the sin, and want it to go away. The skull shirt means nothing, in turn of sin. The video is very sybloic of showing the disgusting amount of sin, not advocating it. Listen to their other songs…there’s a lyric that says I must confess, I was on the side of the road lost in the book.

      • Yes for me, at this moment, I’m pretty sure this clip is some warning and message for those who waits for Apocalypse. They fight sins through a clear message : when do the Apocalypse come for cleaning this mess and clean the kingdom of god ? I don’t see any hidden message, just a picture of what they saw and the expectation of freedom.for all who not be part of the snake plan. By the way we can see how the devils are fool and freaky in this clip. The devil is clearly describes as an adomination we need to get rid of. Maybe I’m wrong, cause don’t forget the Truth is not of this realm, the truth is not a reality that humans can approch, the Truth is the matter of God only.

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