Government Prepares to Terrorize American Citizens! (Oh I mean Criminals!)

It is amazing to know that our massive national debt has gone to dig DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) for the Elite Satanic class so they can protect themselves from Asteroids, the American citizens and of course JESUS.  The House of Cards is coming down and we have a confederation of liars in Washington working together to enslave the remaining Americans citizens through FEMA after they most likely destroy the electrical grid.  This explains to me why they never updated and hardened the electrical grid during my lifetime.  They want it to come down so most Americans starve to death while they sit in their holes.  They want to Rise like their stupid Occult Phoenix out of the ground at the Denver International Airport and set up shop and do the whole lying and scheming routine again in their illuminati fantasy world.  So that is why this post is called Terrorizing America because we have a known terrorist in The White House and the head of Al Qaeda getting ready to terrorize us with military equipment which we paid for to fight Al Qaeda.  I guess we look pretty stupid now.


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