UFO or Meteorite knocks out power in Yucatan! (Update)

This is a crazy story that needs to be sorted out concerning what is going on with space and meteors.  I posted a story earlier on a meteorite near miss and now this meteorite story with strange shapes.  What is going on?

Asteroid Near Miss Story

Paul Begley follows up the story on Yucatan

This story is really paralleling the hollywood movie “Knowing” with Nicholas Cage.  NASA knows what is coming our way and won’t tell the public.  The United States government along with other United Nations cult members have been diverting our gold supply to build their DUMB Facilities so they can hide from whatever is approaching us.  They have been doing this for 50 years.  So in all that time they chose to hide information and steal money and horde resources for themselves.  That shows you what psychopaths are in charge.  Fifty years and they don’t lift a finger to help all the families that aren’t Blue Blood criminals.

Trust in Jesus he is the only way.  It should be obvious by now you can’t trust in man.


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