Comets Translation between Spiritual Realms Hieroglyphics & Pop Culture Connections

This post is for those that are interested in alternative takes on reality.  People generally  reject speculative interpretations that try to connect Biblical scripture, prophecy and the end of times with with historical hieroglyphs or cultural messaging.  TheGroxt1 of youtube has been mapping out using google earth and hieroglyphics a consistent pattern of images that keeps popping up in Hollywood messaging.  What I specifically like about this post is the connection between fish symbolism and the translation between the spiritual dimensions with the material reality that we know.  The concept that swimming between realms is how these entities describe moving between dimensions is really interesting and it is especially interesting in relation to the Assyrian Fish God and the later establishment of the Catholic church and the fish God Mitre hats.    I immediately began considering how the imagery of  transitioning between the spiritual dimension has been described by the Occult world using water as in the occult practice of Scrying, also reflecting pools, and mirrors as liquid metaphors.  The connection between Philadelphia and the fish is really interesting.

Hollywood is a Satanic cult that keeps communicating the same messages in movie after movie.  They use the same 666 messaging and 322 Skull & Bones messaging in almost every movie.  Hollywood believes in the Rapture because they keep making movies with the rapture in their storylines.  They want it to happen so that they can establish their New Atlantis pre-flood Satanic kingdom without the interference of the Christians.  Those left behind that will not accept the Mark of The Beast will be used for the blood sacrifice that will be reinstituted.  Gaia will be cleansed by the blood of humanity as these Satanists install the Anti-Christ to rule over the earth for a short time before The Lord Jesus Christ finally deals a fatal blow to this Satanic kingdom once and for all.


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