The Devil’s Killing Fields — 666=216! + Updates

This will shock most people because of the implications!  This information will change how you view reality when you grasp what you are watching.  The initial mathematical information or discovery of what led to this post came from the work of Carl Monk.  EntertheStars built on that information and came up with this post using Google Earth.  What you find is Megalithic sun worship centers built off of this formula and modern sites that correspond to many of the worst massacres and definitely the number of the Beast 666.  I hope you realize you live in the Beast system.

Here is the 216 connection to Teotihuican and the planets:  This is amazing and of course kept from the public

I am posting the original youtube posting for Carl Monk who discovered this mathematical code:

(What I find interesting about this presentation is that (pi) was not used by the ancient builders.  Carl establishes about 10 constants that the builders used in their construction of the circle mounds which also calculated the Global position of the sites.  Anyone who enjoys math and the discovery of math related problems would get a kick out of this presentation to unravel the ancient worlds pyramid builders equations.  Again you would think that we would be taught this information at the college level at least but we are not meant to know this information.  Disgusting secret society elites!  They should just be renamed the Loser!


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