Obamacare and the Mark of the Beast!

I have fluctuated over the years on the rise of Obama and the many connections of Gematria to his rise to power.  In many ways it looks like he is the prophesied AntiChrist in the Bible when you see what a loud mouth boasting blasphemer he has been.  The Manchurian candidate serial liar that destroys the Republic for his New World Order Masters (Rothschilds & friends).   Then you examine the material of many youtubers linking old hieroglyphs and the similarity between Obama and the photos.  I think of Barackenatan and the similarity of the whole family with Akhenatan pharoh of Egypt.  The whole matter calls for spiritual discernment because there is a great deal of good information being put out by well intentioned people.  I do think that Obama is being used to be the poster child for betrayal (Judas Iscariot II) and an Antichrist type.  I think that Obama would be thrilled just like Hitler would have been thrilled to have been the 666 Beast of Revelation.  ( I don’t necessarily endorse the video makers take on the book of Revelation.  It is definitely worth watching).

Few have considered that there is a power elite in the secret societies that have wanted to install the Antichrist and have sought to fulfill the Biblical accounts found in the Book of  Revelation.  But I think Obama is being created and destroyed by his creators who are well versed in Secret Society Gematria and Freemason brotherhood connections to make way for (The Man of Steel), Nietzsche’s Uberman!  Obama’s reputation in the World is destroyed.  He is seen as the leader of Al Qaeda by many throughout the globe.  I cannot figure out how you could resurrect his image.  I think that he is here to betray America, destroy America,  and set up the RFID Chip system that will be rolled out globally when the Superman AntiChrist shows up to fix the Chaotic world that the Secret Society Satanists are unleashing across the globe.  I look forward to any comments that can show how the world could still embrace Obamanation!


3 thoughts on “Obamacare and the Mark of the Beast!

  1. Have to agree with pretty much everything you have to say here, that Obama is not THE anti-christ, but one of the countless precursors, helping install some of the final crucial pieces of the NWO. infrastructure before whoever it is that follows after steps in.



    Two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers in the United States, and more half of the low-wage workers without health insurance, will be DENIED any support for their health care under Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” even while the cost of the coverage available to them increases drastically. A New York Times analysis of census data shows that the 26 states which chose not to expand Medicaid (a choice left to the states under Obamacare), comprise half the nation’s population but 68% of the poor, uninsured blacks and single mothers, who will not be eligible for coverage under the killer scheme.
    The study estimates that eight million Americans are “impoverished, uninsured, and ineligible for help.”
    The study did not even count the huge undocumented immigrant population.
    It is no surprise that the winners in the Obamacare game are from Wall Street’s big insurers. This is inherent in the fascist (corporatist) nature of the plan, which unites the health insurance cartels with the government, in a drive to cut back health care for the “useless eaters” in the population.
    Robert Lenzner of Forbes reported Oct. 1 that the “value of the S&P health insurance index gained 43%” this year alone. CIGNA is up 63%; Wellpoint 47%; and United Healthcare 28%. Since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, the stock values of these big firms have risen 200-300%!
    United Healthcare, the largest insurer, with about 70 million insured, reported last summer that they had a particularly strong past year, with net income of $5.1 billion, up by 11% from the previous year; similarly for the others — even before the bonanza to result from the corporatist plan to force every American to buy their inflated products, beginning on October 1.
    United Healthcare, it should be recalled, has as a top executive Simon Stevens, who was Tony Blair’s health policy advisor and the architect of NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in 1999, the “reform” of the British National Health Service which imposed triage and genocide on the British people through selective denial of cancer drugs, surgeries, kidney dialysis, and other treatments. This was the model for the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board), which is now the law of the land under Obamacare. Genocide can be profitable. ” http://larouchepac.com/node/28409
    ( Obamacare Genocide in Action: What is Already Underway http://larouchepac.com/node/28608 )

    “UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is a diversified managed health care company headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S. It is No. 17 on Fortune magazines top 500 companies in the United States.[5] UnitedHealth Group offers a spectrum of products and services through two operating businesses: UnitedHealthcare and Optum. Through its family of subsidiaries and divisions, UnitedHealth Group serves approximately 70 million individuals nationwide. ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UnitedHealth_Group
    ” Abigail Pierrepont (Abby) Johnson[4] (born December 19, 1961) is an American businesswoman. Johnson is President of Fidelity Investments Personal and Workplace Investing. Fidelity was founded by her grandfather Edward C. Johnson II and her father Edward C. (Ned) Johnson III is its current CEO. As of March 2013 The Johnson family owns a 49% stake in the company.[3]
    She had a brief stint as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton from 1985–86, completed an MBA at Harvard, and joined Fidelity Investments ”
    Arthur Johnson, an Independent Trustee of Fidelity, is also a director of Booz Allen & Hamilton. http://www.boozallen.com/media-center/press-releases/48399320/49502902
    BOOZ ALLEN & HAMILTON IS LINKED WITH CARLYLE, BLACKSTONE AND DEUTSCHE BANK. http://transmissionsmedia.com/the-911-illusion-part-ii-deutsche-bank-blackstone/
    “In 2008 Carlyle Group bought a majority stake in Booz Allen for $2.54 billion.”
    ” Carlyle is the 11th largest defense contractor in the US. It is 20%-owned by Mellon Bank (http://www.dkosopedia.com/wiki/Mellon_family) and is controlled by the powerful Blackstone Group (seeOverthrow of the American Republic), which dined cheaply on the carcasses of looted S&L’s at auctions held by Bush Sr.’s Resolution Trust Corporation. ”
    http://www.almartinraw.com/uri1.html http://transmissionsmedia.com/the-911-illusion-part-ii-deutsche-bank-blackstone/
    ” Henry Kissinger’s good friend Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD sat on Bioport owner Blackstone’s International Advisory Board. (See Corexit Linked to the Blackstone Group and Lord Jacob Rothschild) ”
    http://transmissionsmedia.com/the-911-illusion-part-ii-deutsche-bank-blackstone/ http://beforeitsnews.com/gulf-oil-spill/2010/06/corexit-linked-to-the-blackstone-group-and-lord-jacob-rothschild-76363.html
    ” Blackstone was founded in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions boutique by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, who had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc. ”
    Peter G. Peterson ” is founding Chairman of the Peterson Institute for International Economics ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_George_Peterson http://larouchepac.com/node/28610
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, is a director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. http://www.petersoninstitute.org/institute/board.cfm
    Blackstone is also related with the LCF EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD, for example, through the person of Daniel Costa Lindo that is a M&A Analyst at Blackstone and was Private Equity Analyst at LCF Edmond de Rothschild. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/daniel-costa-lindo/32/255/543
    ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ariane_de_Rothschild ) http://www.lejdd.fr/Economie/Images/Les-plus-grosses-fortunes-de-France/Benjamin-de-Rothschild-206941

    • Wow! Who would have thought Satanists, Fascists, Nazi’s were behind this great Obamacare depopulation plan. Thanks for the great links. Well, I think we are about to see major backlash and circle the wagons behavior from the criminal elite syndicate that has destroyed America. FEMA camps are going to be their only answer for the angry American public.

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