Benghazi was a Contract Assassination on Ambassador Stevens!

New World Order politics was behind the murders in Benghazi to cover up their illegal dealings of government officials.  The Benghazi station personnel were killed to tie up loose ends so the American public would not know that our tax dollars and weapons were funneled to the Syrian terrorists that John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, & Barack Obama support!


2 thoughts on “Benghazi was a Contract Assassination on Ambassador Stevens!

  1. The crazy thing is, it would almost be a challenge to find anything in the news these days that ISN’T an example of NWO politics and false flag terror….

    the more i learn about the REAL progression of history, particularly over the last couple hundred years, i have to wonder if there is really much at all that has transpired that was not a part of this secret satanically-inspired orchestration… i know how such a thing sounds to most of my family and friends, but there it is

    • Yes, it seems that a great deal of real history has been scrubbed by the international Rothschild factions and the Jesuit history rewriters of the Catholic church. I basically look at these groups as crime families who buy governments.

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