Catholics support Pope Francis’ liberal stance on contraceptives, homosexuality

This is predictable. The sheeple are lining up marching off to slaughter. Why doesn’t the Catholic church just get rid of the Bible since no one reads them including Popes!  I think if the Catholic Church just gives their congregation polling machines then the priest can deliver a sermon that the majority of Catholics agree on for that week.

We Wrestle Not With Flesh and Blood

CATHOLICS around the world are reacting mostly positively to Pope Francis’ recent remarks that the church has become too focused on “small-minded rules” on hot-button issues like homosexuality, abortion and contraceptives.

At Masses over the weekend, the faithful reflected on how they believe Francis’ comments would impact the Catholic Church.

The pope said on Thursday that pastors should focus less on divisive social issues and should emphasise compassion over condemnation.

In the United States, churchgoer Marilyn White, 73, welcomed the pope’s words.

“I think he sent a good message,” said White, from New York. “I think he’s opening a way for people to communicate, dialogue and maybe come back to the church.”

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan said that Francis “speaks like Jesus” and is a “breath of fresh air.”

In Florida, devout Catholic Frank Recio said he was grateful that the pope is trying to shift the tone…

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