New World Order (NWO) Government Biometric registration–Controlling the Herd of Sheeple

Just remember the Elite globalist Satanist technique for controlling the herd of humanity! 1) Create the crisis (WWIII) 2) Present the solution!  (Antichrist-savior of humanity).  Look like the good guys.  Gain the trust of the sheeple, then process the herd without any personal rights.  Then thin the herd till you get the 10% figure listed on the Georgia Guidestones.

Your Government will treat you like Cattle

The Government is just waiting in the wing for the collapse of the supposedly “Representative Republic” known as the United States of America.  You will become registered useless eater citizen biometric number whatever.  Of course IBM (International Business Machines) came up with the first herd management computer that they developed for the NAZI’s to register Jews for more efficient extermination.  So the New World Order Satanic Fourth Reich has nice portable devices already developed to use in the field to be mobile and go out into the public to process the herd.  Take a look at the instrument most likely going to be used to process you!

RFID & BIOMETRIC Monitoring device

Of course most Christians ask what can I do with this knowledge?  You can repent and get right with Jesus.  You can share the gospel.   You can use your authority in prayer to pray for people to wake up and get saved!  You can pray for Christ’s kingdom to come and be established.  You can do a lot right where you are today!  So we don’t have any excuses!


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