Amazing Surge in Blatantly Occult Satanic Movie & TV Themes MARKS the End Times!

This topic interests me for two reasons.  When you approach Biblical prophecy from a traditional American church upbringing you are presented with long established world views on the end times that loosely fits with what is happening in the world around us today.  What is apparent to the Berean church, the studious scriptural church, is that things aren’t lining up like we were taught, and why would they?  1) The one certainty about the end times is that there will be widespread deception that would even lead many in the church to abandon the faith.  2) Now the trademark in Christendom related to the return of Christ is that there is no set date for Christ’s return.  However, this is what interests me about the Illuminati or generational Satanists, they seem to be operating on a timetable. (Viewer Discretion advised on the movie trailers, view at your own risk)

Illuminati themes are blatantly in the face of the public now.  They are not even hiding anymore!

Beautiful Creatures: The onslaught of Girl movie themes with occult powers are all over!

Lords of Salem:  Blatant Satanism taught to the public with blatant blasphemy of Christianity (Barack Obama approved!)

Carrie (Occult blood and gore and powers everywhere for girls)

300 Rise of an Empire (The Rise from the pit of the demonic hordes Revelation 9:11)

Coven an American Horror Story (Blatant Satanism in TV)

So the point of this report is that Apocalyptic story lines have sky rocketed this year which means that these movies and TV series were in the Hollywood pipeline for years!  We are almost one year past the Mayan December 21, 2012 and almost one year into the age of Aquarius.  Aquarius is pictured pouring a pitcher out which is very symbolic from a Biblical perspective.  The Bible describes cups overflowing with sin and wrath being poured out on humanity for the wages of sin and the rejection of Christ and God.  So it is interesting when studying authors like Tom Horn that point out in books such as Zenith 2016 that the illuminati and Freemason members set 1776 as the start of there great work and that the conclusion of this work found in the Great Seal on the dollar bill ending in 2016.  So now I can see the connection between how Hollywood is jubilantly welcoming and preparing the public to worship Satan in the Beast system.  This is their process of “illuminating”, “initiating”, the public into Satanism.

I could have listed the subtle seduction of youth by media but that would have taken pages of movie trailers starting with “Fantasia” and “The Wizard of Oz”.


The final point is that we are at the end of the road!  The illuminati know it and the Berean Christians know it!

thisistheend,worlds end


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