They Gave Their Lives For Christ, Would You? Do You Know How the Apostles Died?

What a beautiful post. It is very appropriate to show this in support of our fellow Christian martyrs that have given their lives in the middle east for not denying Christ. It definitely makes me think of what so many have given to give us the gospel and all the suffering that will soon come to an end with the soon return of Christ.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

I received an email today detailing the death’s of the Apostles.  It was amazing to see in one place how they died.  They gave their lives for Christ.  Would you?  I have asked myself this question numerous times, and I always answer the same way.  Yes!  But I also pray that when, or if,  that day comes, God will give me the strength I need to praise His name faced with persecution and death. We as Christians really should think about this, because Jesus warned us that we would experience Great Tribulation.   Many of our Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ are facing this at this very minute.  And most in this country turn a blind eye to it.  They deny it’s happening.  At any rate I want to show how these men lived and died for our Lord & Savior.  I found this beautiful video on You…

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