The Fake Alien Rapture Deception as portrayed by Hollywood

Hollywood has been working for a long time to get the movie going population comfortable with Aliens as the enlightened more advanced progenitors of life on earth.  The lovable cuddly alien story lines began to come out with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and then happy little alien movies such as “ET” ,  “The Last Star Fighter”, & “Men in Black”  geared to pull the heart strings.  “2001 A Space Odyssey” & “Star Wars” began to broaden the view of the public that we are stupid to not think that alien races abound throughout the universe.   Then there came a bunch of evil alien movies such as “Alien” & “Predator”  “Independence Day”, “War of the Worlds”, & “Prometheus that introduced the illuminati’s favorite control technique to Syfy called “The Hegelian Dialectic”.  So then we learn through the Roswell alien information that UFO buffs began teaching good aliens and bad aliens as portrayed also in previously mentioned “Men in Black”.  So I guess we are going to be rooting for the good alien saviors such as in “Superman”, well I wont be because I won’t be here to witness this deception occur.

So now we are at the Eve of Disclosure also in the same time period that we are going to have WWIII & the beginning of major astronomical events that will shock the media conditioned brain dead public.  So we need the Aliens to save us and this is what is portrayed in movies such as “Knowing”.    In “Knowing” a tormented little child received alien messages about the end of the world through channeling.  The girl is shown to be in an occult automatic writing state in the movie.  So these alien saviors torment a poor child her whole life with knowledge of the apocalypse.  Sounds like a great bunch of alien saviors!  So the benevolent savior aliens  are going to save and repopulate the universe with us primitive Homo Sapiens.  This is the popular Syfy concept of PANSPERMIA, aliens seeded the planet creating human life.

Unfortunately, this from a Biblical point of view is what is called “THE GREAT DECEPTION”.  Luciferians (Satanists) working with fallen angels (Aliens) will portray the Rapture to the 7 Billion earthlings as an Alien event to save humanity and those left behind are the brave ones chosen to evolve into the next level of human evolution.  Most will fall for this because of the total Biblical ignorance of the world following the Rapture of the Bible believing church.  We are trying to communicate as much as we can while we can to a public that is oblivious of the soon to be Revelation events portrayed in the Bible.


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