Queen Elizabeth, The American Pentagram, Mount Hermon & The Ley Line of Death part 3

Those who have followed the posts linking the 188 ley line with several catastrophic events know how this topic has exploded into a global rabbit hole with more connections popping up all over the world.  This post connects the previous American pentagram with the Canadian city of Manitoba, Mount Harmon Canada, Mount Hermon Syria, and the account of Queen Elizabeth visiting a hidden basement room on the line of death.  This post has finally connected the original point, Mount Hermon,  where the 200 watchers (fallen angels) descended from their heavenly habitation to take women and produce the Nephilim hybrid offspring which were all killed in Noah’s flood.  The other point which is not connected in this video comes from David Flynn, who discovered that located 180 degrees opposite of  Mount Hermon is Roswell New Mexico.  Craziness continues with this post.  Contemplate the implications.

This is more information on the 322/33 connection between the Georgia Guidestone and Washington

What many people do not know is that several of the NFL Football teams are owned by Knights of Malta members:

The Newest in possibly Finishing points of The United States Pentagram is connected to the Georgia Guidestones:

Previous Article Link part 1

The Second article can be accessed here:

Previous Article Link part 2


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