Obama’s Middle East Legacy — Death & The Infidel Tax

The Obama foreign policy in the Middle East has accomplished many things.  All the accomplishments are bad for middle east Christians.  Barack Obama has brought the greatest Christian persecution to the Middle East that I can remember in my life time.  I wish we had a free media so that we could get accurate numbers and coverage on how many old Christian middle eastern communities have been devastated based on Obama’s support of Al  Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood.  Can we expect anything different in the future with such a type of AntiChrist sitting in the Oval office.  Just remember that our tax dollars are going to support Muslim cannibals that kill peaceful Christian & Muslim civilians.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Middle East Legacy — Death & The Infidel Tax

    • Yes, I remember another commentator saying that all the countries that the US conquered were nations without central banks and that they were trying to trade in other currencies rather than petro dollars. The allegations are that the wars are being fought to keep people trading in petro dollars and thereby propping up the world reserve currency.

      • It’s a dirty game alright. Why borrow currency at interest that someone else created, when you can create the same amount without interest by yourself. Fiat currency. Fractional reserve banking. The question to ask is “What is the price relative to an oz of silver. Real money. Can’t print it. Sure naked short selling of paper contracts can temporarily suppress the true price, but for how long?

      • Until you default on your currency and go to war with the creditors because you won’t pay! A criminal mindset. Of course getting everyone hooked on one currency was the game all along to pull the rug out from under everyone at the same time and force a new global currency on everyone.

      • Yes. I’m sure the Rockefellers and Rothschilds would love a monopoly on a single global currency. Competition is a sin, right? The corruption is immense in scope and gravity. It would read like science fiction novel. If the truth was written down, and published as fiction, people still wouldn’t get it.

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