Obama & America Are Being Portrayed As The Amoral Great Satan By The World!

The world is very dangerous right now with a president who has destroyed any good will credibility with the world.  The natural propensity by governments who want to get the focus of the public off of them is to go to war.  So we have just had the Navy Yard False flag with the occult number “13” being the signature of the government actors.  As the world moves toward the New World Order the public will continue to be traumatized by perpetual war and false flag events.

Notice that Obama is looking for a strategy to further the globalists agenda of World War III.  So there will be some attack on Syria at some point to get Iran involved in a nuclear confrontation.  This will justify the world attacking the United States in my opinion to stop the perceived out of control military juggernaut that is now the crippled Obama administration.


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