Britain’s Pyramids – The Ancient Politically Incorrect Technology Of Our Ancestors

Yes, the megalithic period around the globe leaves scientists scratching their heads because they are not able in this day to duplicate many of these structures. It is amazing how the site of Stonehenge is aligned with so many other sites around the globe. This I don’t believe could of happened without precision aerial surveying which of course primitive civilizations did not have at the time. I think where people get derailed with regard to modern archaeology and plausible explanations for how sites like stonehenge were created can be attributed to the politics of history. When we factor in that real history doesn’t match up with the politically correct history that we are taught in school then you will be able to disregard the establishments thinking and begin to accept that the text writers don’t want the public to know real history.

Stonehenge has been linked to other solar worship sites across the globe.  Just recently using Google earth, some have found correlations between many solar worship sites and ley lines leading to some disturbing conclusions.   I document these connections in my 2 lines of death posts.  I think that viewing these links will shock many in regards to where the trail leads.

Lines of Death part 1

The study of how ley lines intersect many more sites are continued in the link below

Lines of Death part 2


Written by Anonymous

Pictures and captions by Watt Tyler

We’re constantly bombarded with images and information portraying the greatness of others: Giza’s pyramids, or the Aztec temples, the Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China. It seems to me that sometimes, the information that we receive and the impression that we are given seems to want to forget the majesty of our own island nation.

Our country was inhabited at the time of Egyptian rule and Myan civilisation. People seem to either forget this, or tell us that primitive cannibals inhabited it. WRONG!

People will tell us that the standing stones found in Britain (and scattered across Europe), were ancient temples for ritualistic human sacrifice. This may in fact be true, but what people fail to mention is the complexity of these stones.

•    Firstly, it must have been a huge task involving precise tools. Showing us that Neolithic…

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