Illuminati symbolism in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ video game trailer

I completely agree that you will find the most intense indoctrination of illuminati philosophy in cartoons and videogames. It gets right past the parents because they are busy and don’t watch the philosophies being taught to teens. The Satanic illuminati state does not believe in separation of their beliefs from your kids. They will force feed your family gnosticism and paganism 24/7 if you don’t watch it. I took a look at insanely popular title called “Skyrim” another videogame and was shocked at the blatant Satanic rituals performed throughout the entire game. They encouraged the player to eat the flesh of dead to gain power. Everything is about gaining occult power through the gods or performing blood sacrifice rituals. Kids learn how to get occult power from these games and don’t even know what they are doing. When the New World Order takes over all the kids are primed for Satanic worship and you don’t even know it. Get your kids and family rapture ready. Our ADVERSARY definitely installed an ingenious media system of DECEPTION!

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My comment:  I don’t wish to debate the existence of the Illuminati or the involvement of secret societies like the ‘Freemasons’  but I do think that we need to know what our children are being exposed to in their games, music and the entertainment industry as a whole.  Something dark is being unleashed and it’s not a conspiracy theory.

(By Illuminati Watcher)  The latest installment of GTA drops on the 17th and it looks pretty intense. This particular version looks like it is taking the storyline up a notch. The game series is known for being on the cutting edge of violence and simulation of various crimes and disturbing images.

I was watching the game trailer and couldn’t help but notice the blatant placement of the Illuminati symbolism on the poster in the background (with the Eye of Horus inside of the pyramid):

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom GTA

If you want to take the symbolism…

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