Feast of Trumpets Part 2? Rapture Watch still on for 2013!

Wow!  This is some amazing information concerning confusion over Hebrew Calendars.  Really interesting for us non Jews who are not familiar with the Hebrew calendar arguments.  Scottie covers some interesting possibilities for those that believe that the Rapture of the Church will coincide with The Jewish Feast of Trumpets.

As Scottie reiterates over and over in his video, he is not date setting but is raising the real possibility that the Feast of Trumpets will really occur around October 6th 2013 in that vicinity.  For those of us that are waiting for Jesus coming in the Clouds, this is real excitement for Christian believers who do not want to spend another year of listening to the wicked leaders of this world.  So those of us that want to get out of here in 2013 in Enoch fashion, we still have another chance (lol)!

New Video added (10/7/13)


11 thoughts on “Feast of Trumpets Part 2? Rapture Watch still on for 2013!

  1. Of course he’s date setting. He can say he’s not until he’s blue in the face, but that’s date setting. All weekend long, as the new moon rises and sets, you’re going to be looking for the rapture. You’ll be looking on those dates and no other – just like you were last month. Then you had the great disappointment – brought to you compliments of Scott Clarke. Now you’re buying his latest nonsense, and you’re looking to the dates of this new moon. So, whether you or he or honest enough to admit it – that’s date setting. That’s what it is. Have the honesty to admit it. It’s also complete nonsense – just like all his videos. Aren’t you supposed to always be looking? Aren’t you supposed to be studying Christ’s Words and spreading Christ’s message? Looks to me like you’re studying Scott’s words and spreading Scott’s message. You’re also spreading disappointment and confusion and doubts and lies. And you’re spreading Scottie Lunacy. Who does Scott Clarke think he is that he knows something that only God knows? Is he above God or Christ? I know about Hebrew-isms, but no one knows the day or hour. Yes, really. No one. Not even the Son of Man – much less the arrogant, prideful Scott Clarke. Scott is not glorifying Christ. He’s glorifying Scott Clarke. He’s bankrolling Scott Clarke. He’s building up Scott’s YouTube kingdom. See you Monday.

    • The Magi had a general idea of the impending birth of the Messiah and they went on a trip following a star. So what are you upset about, we are to look at the times and the conditions and be prepared like the 5 virgins with their oil and not like the 5 without their oil. If you want to go around shouting false prophet go ahead. I have heard enough of that junk going on in Christendom. We look at the Feasts as a best guess on our part without setting dates. Just because I am hopeful for a rapture this year doesn’t say anything negative about my wanting to see the return of Christ. If your faith gets destroyed by people speaking about the return of Christ then that isn’t much of a faith. I am waiting regardless and telling others to get ready. Yes, I am rooting for a pretrib rapture of the church.

  2. So Scott Clarke is now one of the wise men? The danger here is this doesn’t prepare you for persecution. Persecution is growing. Tens of millions of Christians are suffering terrible persecution. Approximately a quarter million Christians are being martyred every year. Instead of preparing the American church for growing persecution, this kind of date-setting has the American church looking for a soon escape. You think this teaching prepares Christians for what the Christians in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Maldives, Mali, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, Syria, Sudan, Egypt, and throughout much of the world are going through? I doubt the American church can withstand even the threat of job loss, much less loss of home, life, and security. You want to mock those with weak faith? That’s not Paul’s example. Paul didn’t mock those with weak faith. He went out of his way to not weaken it anymore. How does this bring glory to Christ? It mocks Him when these dates come and go and nothing has happened. Unbelieves pay attention to this stuff, and it just convinces them that Christians are even bigger fools then they already think they are.

    • Your approach is to not discuss these issues opening with fellow believers. So we are not to talk about the return of Christ and maybe that the Feast days are more important than the American church has taught. My whole blog has been nothing but talking about the coming persecution by Obama and NWO friends. I do not believe in endless prepping other than getting people saved and ready to deal with whatever situation we are put in.

  3. Always looking for Christ’s return is our blessed hope and is monumental. It’s always worthy of discussion. Setting dates is the issue. You realize that too or you wouldn’t bring up, “now Scottie’s not setting dates,” and then go on to discuss the dates you are looking for it to happen. Another issue is how Scott Clarke is using this to draw attention to himself and fund his bank account. That’s a major issue for me. So many people are sending him their tithe money!! There are brothers and sisters in Christ who have lost everything in Syria and Egypt. I think they need the help more than Scott Clarke does. Judging by his digs, he’s not suffering too much. Even if he has/had to move, he has the means to do it. The Christians in Syria, who haven’t been murdered, are desperate. They don’t have the luxury of moving someplace else. Many of them can’t flee. Does God really want tithe money going to Scott Clarke ahead of those in Syria and Egypt?

  4. That would be fine except that Scott has refused to talk with me about it and has blocked me. I appreciate the fact that you were willing to do so because I think it’s important for unbelievers to know that there are Christians who are not onboard with this. Thanks for allowing an opposing point of view at your blog. Most people would not do that.

  5. With respect, attached please find article: ‘How The High Priest Determined the Scriptural Year’ CongregationofYHWHpc.com. It may be useful to your library.

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