Cheesy 1980’s “B” Movie Foreshadows Comet Ison & Rapture!

Wow!  This is incredible how some movies have shown pieces related to False Flag events like the well known 9/11 Twin Tower bombing.  Now movie buffs have stumbled across a movie that shows a comet with many similarities to Ison.  The story line also includes the Patti Brassard Twin Suns story.  Also associated in this movie is the Rapture of the Church!

Wow! what a crazy video!  You think someone might know something?  You make up your own mind concerning what you think about movies and current events.  All I know is that there is a lot of military movement slated for October and several Biblical researchers are looking into October for a possible Rapture of the church related to the Feast of Trumpets as I have just posted in my previous post.

Feast of Trumpets Story

Twin Suns Story


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