Occult Terrorism in America and The Destruction of The Twin Towers 9/11/2001

On the 12th anniversary of 9/11/2001 Americans need to re-examine the evidence associated with the perpetrators of the most heinous terrorist event in American history.  When you examine the information you will find that the official state sponsored story of 9/11 and the real story are quite different.

I am not going to rehash Saudi Arabian terrorists or the individual survivor stories or buildings that just happen to fall down without any reason.  I am going to follow a different type of trail, a trail that is bizarre and hard for the average person to contemplate.  I am going to follow an occult trail of bread crumbs that implicates members of secret societies that are deliberately terrorizing the American people for the sole purpose of establishing their Occult Utopian Satanic Society known as The New World Order.

First I will start off in true detective fashion by staking out the crime scene waiting for the criminals to return to the scene of the crime so they can gloat.  So here is the occult criminals celebrating their destruction of the twin towers one year to the day after the blood sacrifice of 3,000 people.  This video documents the ceremony being conducted at ground zero with elite media insider Dan Rather seemingly oblivious to the ritual.  What you are seeing is the “Eye of Ra” an Egyptian symbol from the Egyptian mystery schools.

When you train yourself to examine the information related to the 9/11 Occult terror attack you will see their finger prints all over the place.  The first thing to learn is how do these people communicate with each other and do they have patterns in how they do things?  The answer is yes there are definite patterns.

A simplified review of occult mystery schools reveals that they rely heavily on family blood lines, symbolism, numerology & blood sacrifice.  Does the 9/11 Occult terror attack show these patterns.  Yes, it does.  The mainstream media doesn’t report these facts because they know it shows proof that there was a wide ranging occult terror attack on Americans by secret society members at the highest levels of government.  The secret societies have members in every level of society including government and the media.  So are the elite involved in occult rituals today or is this fabricated by paranoid conspiracy theorists?  Yes, the elite hold private meetings and events to conduct their business in secret.  They also recruit new members through different meetings to see who can assist with the Global Occult Agenda.  The Bohemian Grove club is one of the main meeting places for Elite Occult members involved with bringing forth the New World Order.  This is a recruiting 2 week annual event to bring people in and assess them to see if they may be trusted with the New World Order Agenda.

So there is proof that occult societies have been operating in secret in America since the beginning of the country.  But is their proof that they run the United States government at the highest level to pull off such a devastating terror attack? Yes!  This video shows that every president has been related to each other except for one.  Through marriage the illuminati maintain both political and occult power over the sheeple.  That means they have access to every level of the military including military that is loyal to the secret societies.  The illusion of free elections is just that an illusion.  The public is given a choice between one illuminati family member versus a different illuminati member.  In the end the illuminati get their president and the public loses everytime.

All Presidents Related

Symbolism is the main method through which the occult communicate with each other.  Many believe that the secret societies developed a symbolic form of communication when God destroyed the tower of Babel and confused the language of men to keep them from conspiring to rebuild the tower. There symbolism was hidden within the constructs of society and art.  The average person would never know the truth behind the symbols without being initiated.  They will wage any war and sacrifice any number of people to enthrone their God of 9/11.  Their movement is rebellion against Jehovah.  They want godhood without God.  The Masonic society draws heavily from Jewish Kabbalah and Biblical traditions including the Biblical reference to Revelation 9:11.  “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

The Twin Towers in Masonic symbolism represents Jachin & Boaz, known in the ancient world as The Pillars of Hercules.  Passing between the pillars led to a new level of discovery and secret knowledge and enlightenment.  Beyond the pillars was where the fabled Atlantis existed.


America according to Francis Bacon was to be the New Atlantis.  America was to be the vehicle that would lead humanity to the New World Order.  Now America is fulfilling it’s ancient mission of bringing about a one world government and the Godman or Uberman that evolved into God.  For those familiar with pop culture movies, the movie “Superman” is the goal of the illuminated secret occult societies.

Here is the final symbolic clue to the Twin Tower occult terror attack.  In this picture you will see that 2 towers of Jachin & Boaz must be combined to create the perfected man, the central tower.  This perfected man is symbolized in the New Freedom Tower!


You can see the completed goal of the Occult terror and the signal for the beginning of passing beyond the pillars to The New World Order


Numerology is the final fingerprint which proves beyond any doubt that the destruction of The Twin Towers was the act of Occult terrorism.  Below is a list of numbers and events associated with the Twin Tower occult terror attack.

Three primary numbers are associated in Freemasonry based on the number 11.  11 is known as the First Prime Number and represents “A Dark Vision”.  22 vision is combined with action.  33 Accomplishment.  The highest level that a Freemason can reach is 33.

The number eleven is extensively connected to the bombing.  I will quickly list the 11 connections.

1) Bombing occurred 11years to the day of President Bush 1 and his “New World Order” speech. 2) The Twin Towers represent the number 11. 3) Flight 11 crashes into the twin towers. 4) Flight 11 had 11 crew members. 5) New York was the 11th state in the union. 6) New York City has eleven letters. 7) Afghanastan has 11 letters. 8) George W. Bush has eleven letters. 9) The Pentagon has eleven letters. 10) The foundation stone of the Pentagon was laid on September 11, 1941.  11) Flight 77, 77(7×11)  another master number hit the Pentagon on the 77th meridian. 77 representing the ultimate number of sin in a Biblical parallel for occultists.  12) The Twin Towers were destroyed 33 years after being constructed in 1968. 13) Both towers were 110 stories tall (11×10).  14) The Towers of Light Memorial ran for 33 days.  11 has another Biblical connection to the little horn of the Bible representing the Antichrist.

There are more associations but I primarily just focused this article on the number eleven. The final occult component is blood sacrifice.  Large blood sacrifices are needed to attract the spirits they want to do their bidding.  So 3,000 died for a bunch of psychopathic occultists.

I think after reviewing the evidence presented here that the terrorists on 9/11 were secret society occultists and they are the people currently destabilizing the middle east and waging war to destroy every last nation state to bring in the New World Order.


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