Do Giants Live Among Us?

This video raises many interesting questions as to the issue of giants?  Those familiar with Biblical Giants know that Goliath was between 9-10 feet tall and that king Og had an enormous bed leading some to think he was 13-15 feet tall.  Steve Quayle has studied the Giants and written books documenting that some giants were alleged to get as high as 33 feet in height.

So this topic is gaining a larger audience in modernity for those that have been exposed to the topics of the Fallen Angel Nephilim and the hybrids.  Steve Quayle has sourced many high level military contacts who say that there are giants in suspended animation on secret military research sites.  So it is interesting when someone begins to suggest that many of the elites in sports and entertainment have polydactylism.  Could the high percentage have a genetic link to the Days of Noah?  This is a good story to ponder.


One thought on “Do Giants Live Among Us?

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