Syrian Citizens Appeal to America to Stop Supporting Killers! + Updates

The Anti-christian and anti-moral policies of Barack Obama, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, & John Kerry are being confronted by victims of Washington’s Syrian proxy war.  The innocent Syrians are being destroyed by American backed killers.  There is no other word for the animals that Barack Obama and his fellow Washington Anti-Christian supporters are forcing upon the free citizens of the world.

There is no justification for what the Federal Government is doing in the name of the American Citizens.  With media dupes like Bill O’Reilly pushing the military line, most Americans are being deceived by the people who supposedly represent moral America.  This is what happens when centralization of media and governmental power occurs.  The proponents of tyranny take over and destroy the America that in the past stood for justice and freedom.  Not anymore!

This is an example of American Psychopath Senators such as McCain and Graham continuing to support known cannibal killers in the FSA (Free Syrian Army).  These men bring nothing but shame on the moral public in America.

This story just keeps unraveling by the hour with the world perception of Russian leader Putin looking like the good guy and offering leadership where Obama looks like a colossal joke.

Chemical Attack Video Proved Fake by UN Rights Council


3 thoughts on “Syrian Citizens Appeal to America to Stop Supporting Killers! + Updates

    • Thank you for reblogging. Outside of prayer, making this video viral will help the innocent people of Syria who are being killed by The New World Orders hired killers.

      • Thank you for thorough reporting, accuracy, and the decency to do the right thing when the NWO and affiliates bully everyone trying to do one iota of good for humanity and all of God’s creation.

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