Breaking News! Secret Nuke Deployment on US soil + Updates!

Breaking News! Secret Nuke Deployment on US soil

Everyone watching all this Syrian hype by the Obama administration and the willingness of the Republicans to support military action makes people cringe thinking of WWIII implications.  We are getting more leaked reports pointing to the United States military operating outside of their legal mandate.  With over 90% of Americans opposed to a Syrian conflict, war is being forced down our throats.  So the real truth is that United States is engaged in a nuclear game of chicken with Russia, Iran, & China.  Now Infowars is reporting that high level leakers are reporting movement of Nuclear weapons to the east coast preparing for some type of engagement.  One thing is for certain the American people are being kept in the dark and out of the decision making loop.  We have a nation run by certifiable Psychopaths with the launch keys to our Nukes.  Of course this fits perfectly with Hollywood’s portrayal of “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down”.  Again I have to reiterate the only one you can trust is Jesus Christ.  Get right with Christ and everything will be alright.

Now we have another development to this story that is showing the craziness that is occurring in the United States.  Globalist Senator Lindsey Graham is speaking about a nuclear attack on South Carolina. This is happening at the same time this story is breaking.  Stay tuned for more updates on this link.


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