New World Order 188th Ley Line of Death and the Syrian Connection + Updates! Part 1

Many contributors have put together evidence connecting the false flag staged murders of the Elite class as they move to establish their New World Order Satanic Empire!  So here is more Google Earth corroboration of the Satanic storyboard of death that is based along longitude and latitude.  This post focuses on the 188th parallel connections between Astana Kazakhstan, Sandy Hook, Stone Henge and now SYRIA!  Here is the piece to the Illuminati puzzle that has not shown up before.  Syria is along this line of death.  I wonder if someone can put together the connections based on longitude and latitude and the next likely false flag theater of death!  This is really sickening to contemplate!  Get right with Christ while their is still time!

Lines of Death Confirmed Part 2  The second video connects how the Google Earth lines cross major world landmarks associated with false flag events and sun worship sites.

Sun worship and Pentagram in Kazakhstan part 3 This video looks at the Astana center of the city with the Presidential palace and how it connects with the Google Earth Pentagram

Part 4 addresses the almost exact city layout of Astana and Washington DC.  You will see that the cities are almost exactly the same and must represent the similar importance to the sun worshiping secret society builders.

Part 5 This additional video discusses more points along the lines of Death as they relate to the many points that show popular false flag or Satanic sacrifice sites

Kazakhstan Pentagram examined in depth concerning the pentagram associated with Google Earth pentagram that has been shown to exist.  There is a great deal of misinformation about this location.  This video clarifies the pentagram story.

The Feather Serpent Quetzlcoatyl  is also connected to Kazakhstan

I mean the implications associated with all the false flag attacks in America are associated with the very people who layed out the design for Kazakhstan.  Technically you could stop the war on terror and restore everyones liberties and freedoms and declare war on Kazakhstan and all sun worshiping secret societies.  How is that for profiling, something the agencies set up to protect the public are unable to do.   Again more proof that the mainstream media and the intelligence alphabet agencies don’t want to show the obvious connections between Satanism and world events.

Line of Death Part 2


5 thoughts on “New World Order 188th Ley Line of Death and the Syrian Connection + Updates! Part 1

    • This story has not been reported on very much. It seems that that line runs right through sun worshiping sites and many of the false flag events and is associated with Kazakhstan. Very ground breaking story and associations.

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  2. This is very interesting. I haven’t seen these associations before.
    This is what I’ve read……the Nephilim were/are the offspring of fallen angels (perhaps aliens, depending on where your sensibilities are) and human women. The Nephilim were giants, some skeletons have been unearthed over the years. They were big, ugly brutes and are said to be the builders of the large, ancient monuments, which are found all over the world. If you start at one of the monuments, i.e. pyramids, stonehenge, etc. they follow a straight line around the circumference of the earth. Of course it’s still a mystery as to why and to what purpose these monuments serve and what they foretell. All monuments have similarities in construction and their location vis a vie the son and constellations. Something like your findings except that yours designate war, death and destruction. Also very valid. A different line.

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