Thai pastor ~ Steve Cioccolanti ~ gives explanation of Revelation timeline that might well reconcile some differing tribulation viewpoints!

Yes, I think this pastor’s view of Revelation is very interesting. It does address what many Christians have been having difficulty with according to accepted traditional models of Revelation. I personally have felt a spiritual angst trying to resolve what we are seeing in relation to the end time signs and the rapid increase in wickedness by the United States Government. I think all Christians who are Bereans will benefit from viewing this pastors message. I think his points are very valuable for all of us to consider.


4 thoughts on “Thai pastor ~ Steve Cioccolanti ~ gives explanation of Revelation timeline that might well reconcile some differing tribulation viewpoints!

  1. I listened to some but I don’t understand how the timeline can be stretched to 10 1/2 years – it doesn’t fit the sevens. But I also don’t get why each judgement is to take 3 1/2 years. They may run into each other (the last seal and first trumpet; the last trumpet and first vial) or as Dr Ruckman says, the may run seven years concurrently with chapters 7 and 12 as parentheses. It’s all fascinating and I’m so glad we go up at Revelation 4:1!
    Thanks Tim for posting.

  2. I think he is trying to say with the seals that they are occurring now. Yes, it is an interesting way of looking at Revelation. He never said he was dogmatic about the timeline but I will need to do more research on using the typology of the 7=3.5. Only study will help to clarify. Thanks, Jill

  3. Do you think if the seals were happening now the results would be worldwide? I see what is happening now is the apostasy of the church and the resultant effects of morality in the world. It may be that as the Holy Spirit removes His protection on certain areas that things break out which look like things to come after He is removed to Heaven. He is in Heaven in Rev 4 though. The seals are in Rev 6. Thanks Tim. Love these threads!

    • Those are good points. Yes, things would get worst as God removes his Spirit. Yes, the church is gone as of chapter 4:1. I think his method of addressing this was he had a chart mentioning the chapters on earth verses the chapters in heaven and he runs the earth passages together as a continuation. He keeps the heaven chapters as a parallel. So I will need to review that point from how he lays out his teaching on that section.

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