How to become Rapture Ready!

The end time sequences related to the return of Christ can be very confusing for both Christians and non-Christians.  As you will see from this video presentation, people tend to fight and squabble over end time sequences that primarily cover a 3.5-7 years period of time.  It almost seems ridiculous to consider that so much arguing covers such a short period of time.  Those who are in the Body of Christ will be raptured!  I believe the author of this video does a very good job in a loving spirit exploring many of the scriptures related to the Tribulation period.  Christians should focus more on getting people rapture ready than arguing over their favorite end time scenario.  Again having a Pre/Mid/Post Tribulation position does not find you committing major heresy and disqualifying you from enjoying eternity with Christ.  So it is my recommendation to not get caught in a knock-down-drag-out fight over this time period.  The preaching of the gospel is the point to the end times.  Salvation will get you raptured.

Again, I believe that all Christians need to take up their cross daily and be good Bereans and study the scriptures.  However, there can be disagreement without hostility and unloving attitudes that keep people away from fellowship with one another.  It is a privilege to be alive during these times to witness the rapture of the church and the return of Christ.


One thought on “How to become Rapture Ready!

  1. If your view is pretrib then chances are you don’t see the issue of how you view the end-times important concerning salvation. However, if you are a post-trib believer then the understanding of salvation is extremely important. Jesus addresses this issue in Mark 4:18 where He gives the parable of the sower. He tells us concerning salvation that those who have stony soil in their heart have a mindset that is not prepared for tribulation and persecution. Although the pretribbers teach that tribulation and persecution is indeed part of the Christian walk theoretically, they also teach us that we are to comfort one another with the words that we get to escape tribulation… quoting 1 Thess. 4:18. However, this idea of comfort is taken out of context… 1 Thess. 4:13 Paul informs us of why people are morning to begin with. It is because of the teaching of the Pharisees who teach that there is no resurrection of the dead. Paul is addressing this issue and informing us that there is no need to morn because we are indeed resurrected and forever live with Him. That is the sole reason for comfort.

    The fact of the matter is that if a rapture were to take place 7 years prior to the second coming, then Jesus would be a liar concerning the nature in which He declared HOW He would come for the second coming, “like a thief…” 2 Peter 3:10, Rev. 16:15. Jesus is not the liar, the pretrib doctrine is the lie. All the Scriptures that declare an element of surprise that no one knows the day or the hour are speaking of the second coming…Matt. 24:35,36. A rapture seven years before would tell the “goodman” of the house at what hour to keep watch so that his house would not be broken into… Matt. 24:41,42. The rapture and the second coming is a singular event.

    Paul tells us that two things must take place prior to our gathering together with Him…. 2 Thess. 2:1-3. One the anti-christ must first be revealed, and two, a great apostasy/falling away must take place. Can you name the anti-christ….NO, because he hasn’t been REVEALED yet. Therefore the rapture is not imminent. It is sad to consider that those who are not prepared for tribulation and persecution will be the one’s who turn from their faith (fall away…2 Thess. 2:3, or immediately stumble… Mark 4:18) when it comes. Consider the words of Peter when he declares that there will be mockers who mock, “Where is the promise of His coming…: Only those who have once believed this lie, can mock this taunt. All others know that they must have enough oil in their lamp to make the distance.

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