Bumbling Biden Makes False Chemical Weapons Case Against Syria

Following quickly on the heels of Secretary of State John (Skull & Bones) Kerry, Vice President Biden pushes for war with Syria.  Again can a case for a potential nuclear war be made to stop unconfirmed chemical attacks in Syria?  Why wait for proof when you can just use the Iraq weapons of mass destruction (WMD) argument and go ahead with your plans regardless of Constitutional checks & balances to prevent unwarranted wars.  The argument that I gather from listening to several former CIA agents is that you must act because not acting will lead to an immediate threat against American national security interests.  Wow! Institutionalized insanity!  Of course the media commentators speak of limited strikes to make the American public feel better with this stupid plan.  This is the same mentality that existed at the beginning of World War I.  Most soldiers believed that the war would last a matter of weeks.  That campaign was called the “Great War” or “The War to End all Wars”.

Of course few people realize that when a government is imploding domestically it is usually a good idea to distract the public with a foreign war.  So these bums took their Washington recess vacation in the past few weeks with the intention to come back and get the World War III ball rolling.  There is no way to control how wars escalate unless you have all the parties agreed to conduct the war at a certain level.  All you need is one chemical weapons attack on Israel and you will see the nuclear weapons start flying.  There will be no way to control the rapid escalation.

I recommend that the public keep their eyes on 2 stories that are being glossed over in the wake of all the Syria build up.  The imminent destruction of the American dollar is possibly related to the serious military buildup that we are witnessing across America.  The second story that is being seriously covered up is related to The Comet Ison coverup.  NASA has been caught altering the photos coming out.  Many amateur astronomers are putting out photos that are showing that there is something major developing around the Ison Comet story.  Stay vigilant and don’t believe a thing the main stream media (MSM) says concerning facts!


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