Skull & Bones Elite Insider John Kerry Pimps WWIII

I pose the question does starting a nuclear war help to correct a chemical weapons attack that most likely never occurred? How does backing the CIA Al Qaeda created rebels promote democracy? Why does a supposedly freedom loving country back the Nazi founded muslim brotherhood? My position is that the United States government is not acting according to any of our founding principles or documents. This is the same government and media that did not report more than one day the story of the CIA toppling the democratically elected Iranian government back in the 1950’s. The Shaw of Iran was put in power as a puppet leader answerable to the United States. This perpetual war that has been forced on the American people by the elite class that runs the Federal government is unacceptable. It is clear that the international bankers who took full control of our federal government back in 1913 with the establishment of The Federal Reserve private central bank are now making the case to the world that America has become a wicked out of control country that needs to be stopped. That my friends is where I see this scenario going. Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled soon with Damascus becoming a rubble heap.  Judgement is coming to America and our leadership is doing everything in their power to see that we provoke the wrath of the world and God!  A true heart felt acceptance of Christ as your Lord and Savior is the only answer for the tidal wave of evil that is going to envelop the globe.


3 thoughts on “Skull & Bones Elite Insider John Kerry Pimps WWIII

    • Thanks for your response. I will sure check out your post. As I like to say as a pun on the politicians, “It takes a village of Constitution loving citizens to watch all the crooks in Washington!”

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