FUNVAX–Anti-Religious Fundamentalist Vaccinations–Are Christians Next?

God Haters just can’t accept that people who believe in God aren’t genetically damaged in some way.  Instead of engaging in a philosophical exchange of ideas and the acceptance that people have a choice in how they live their life, mad scientists seek to impose their superior beliefs through deception by introducing viruses into populations so they can vaccinate religious populations.

Last time I checked the religious fanatics that the Obama Federal government were combating were religious populations who believed in the Bible literally.  So liars and deceivers are rational sane individuals who know better than the Bible believing public.  Freedom is of no concern to people like this presenter.  He obviously would have no problem vaccinating peaceful Bible believing populations in the United States.  How many posts do we need to put up to show that the government is run by a bunch of depraved nut jobs who have no respect for The Constitution or individual freedom or The Bill of Rights.  Since when did these intellectuals forget the definition of the term treason.  I guess law doesn’t apply to these great intellects!


One thought on “FUNVAX–Anti-Religious Fundamentalist Vaccinations–Are Christians Next?

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