FEMA Region 3 Revised Update! + New Updates

Reverend Michelle Hopkins provides a detailed breakdown of the information she presented in the initial posting on FEMA Region 3 warning. It is obvious from the material presented that a police state will be taking over at some point regardless of what precipitates the event.

Even if the threat comes from solar flares or Comet related phenomenon, it is obvious that the elites have calculated that it is time for them to hit a planetary reset button and implement the Georgia Guidestones mandate that they erected back in 1980. So us unilluminated Pee-ons are not privy to every aspect of their genocidal plans but we are not dumb enough to believe the official releases coming out of the government or from elite owned media.  I still have the hardest time understanding why any American military enlisted man would participate in this destruction of the United States.  I hope they know that they are expendable in this plan and they will be downsized at some point in the future.  They probably will be given poisoned MREs after their role has been completed.  When you work for Psychopaths your at the mercy of their homicidal whims.

Rev Michelle follows up with The Hagmann & Hagmann Report concerning her release of the FEMA Region 3 Redaction.  She speculates regarding how Christians can pray against man made weather events that the United States seems involved in with the HAARP project.

UPDATE: (9/27/13)

The stated FEMA rollout is continuing as laid out in this report.  I have noticed that “The Emergency Broadcast System” has been running its scheduled TV interrupting beeping reports testing the “Emergency Broadcast Alert” as advertised.  Starting 9/25/13 my local TV has been interrupting regular coverage.  This is to go through 10/1/13.  This is also the Obamacare rollout on health care.  So the New World Order has something planned to carry out in October.  My nephew in the military has been deployed for the next 2 months.  So stay alert, whatever is going to occur will happen soon.  At least stock up on plenty of water.

Update (10/6/13)

Update (10/15/13)

RevMichelle Hopkins is being harassed and reports suspected possible biological attack on her


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