Satanically Inspired Science & Genetic Armageddon

It is interesting to see how far man has Devolved from his once immortal existence in the Garden of Eden.  We have gone from the days of walking with God to the present time of denying God’s existence.  This brings me to this point that all education is now run by people who deny Christ and they set the educational criteria for our world.  I for one am in full agreement with the Bible when it says, “A fool in his heart says there is no God”.  So that brings us to this point in history where a group of antichrists, god haters, agnostics, and atheists make decisions for all of us based on their fallen nature.   There can be only one outcome, a satanical inspired & altered world.  These people want to be like the most high, the same thing Satan wanted.

Satan has other plans for these scientists.  He will use them and discard them when he has accomplished his goals.  The pursuit of knowledge from a fallen state with no spiritual anchoring from Christ will lead to man’s destruction.  The book of Revelation talks about Christ having to intervene at the end of time so to spare man from utterly destroying himself.  There will come the day when every man will bow his knee and admit Jesus Christ is Lord of all.  Hopefully, many will wake up and repent and acknowledge Christ as Lord of their life so they don’t end up taking the mark of the beast and becoming eternally damned for altering their DNA and accepting The Serpents DNA strain.


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