Earthquake swarm reported at another Alaskan volcano

The uptick in volcanic and plate seismic events is being predicted by those that have been following the astronomical events associated with Twin sun posts that I have posted recently. Many are targeting August 17th for a major earthquake watch to occur with ever increasing strange weather events until the end of September. The second video in my 3rd Twin Suns post covers the discovery of a new star appearing and a new planet being found in the last few days. The media is trying to direct all our attention toward stupid time wasting stories or just coverage of Muslim brotherhood stories. Here is a link to my third post.

The Extinction Protocol

August 17, 2013ALASKA – Seismic unrest is being reported at another Alaskan volcano. Tanaga is a 5,924-foot (1,806 m) stratovolcano located in the remote Aleutian Range of the U.S. state of Alaska. There have been three known eruptions since 1763. The most recent was in 1914 and produced lava flows. According to the Earthquake Report, a swarm of seven earthquakes have struck near the volcano in the last 24 hours- the strongest of which was a 4.7magnitude. This may suggest magma intrusion under the volcano.
Number 69:IcelandA small phreatic eruption seems to have taken place yesterday at the ice-covered Kverkfjoell central volcano. The steam-driven (no fresh magma involved) explosion followed a small glacial flood on 15 August the Kverkjökull glacier released into the Volga river and was probably a result of the pressure release during the flood. –Volcano Discovery
Kliuchevskoi (Kamchatka): A…

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