Twin Sun Story—Part 3 Patti Brassard Interview

I am a Bible believing citizen journalist who is covering this story about coming planetary anomalies. Pete Santelli interview covers all the crazy stuff related to these strange events.   I think that everyone should listen to this interview even though some of the views presented are out there.  Of course I interpret these events from a Christian perspective and believe in the Biblical account of the fallen angels corrupting humanities DNA with hybrids.  I believe in the return of Christ and the rapture of the Church.  I do not believe in the great awakening philosophy proposed by New Age belief systems.

I think many facts presented in the interview are factual including the special nuke that was used in Syria. I don’t agree with her take on things related extra-terrestial view. My take is that this is going to be part of the end time extra-terrestial deception by the fallen angels. The philosophies being discussed are more related to New Age philosophies. So I believe that you are getting partially correct information regarding what is going on but the interview also plays into the New Age deception. There are many facts that can be proved that have been reported in this interview.

Here is a special breaking update on new planets and a new star appearing backing up Patti Brassard story:

Again I am linking my Dead Astronomer Conspiracy to support the claims presented about all the scientists killed:

Dead Astronomers Conspiracy


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