Obama Executive order—$12 dollar gas, $20 box Corn Flakes

Obama and the Elites he represents are declaring economic warfare on the American people. There is no way around this story. Get right with Christ and tell those backslidden friends to repent and get right with Christ because these lunatics are collapsing the system. I think the Christian community needs to pray for the unsaved and pray the Lord’s prayer because the disinformation media will not warn the deceived public.


6 thoughts on “Obama Executive order—$12 dollar gas, $20 box Corn Flakes

    • I believe this post is related to inflation and we will be experiencing this rapid increase with occur soon. Food Stamp riots are being talked about for November 1st.

  1. I am from the far southern part of Illinois where farmers with corn & bean fields are everywhere. I guess what I am asking is when will the farmers feel the effect? To my knowledge their is not a state of panic yet for them. Would it be as soon as next spring that they will not be able to get the anhydrous and fertilizer to apply to their fields?

    • I have not followed up this story to date. It would be good if someone directly connected to this issue follow it up. I am not a farmer and I am sure that some farmers who are savvy have studied the impact of this article. I am sorry I can’t give a better answer. Maybe you can be the researcher to follow up this story?

      • I will do what I can but most of the information that I would be able to come up with is going to be word of mouth from the farmers themselves.  I myself do not have the time to verify that what they would tell me is correct.   I have just recently been exposed to you website and I must say that I am blown away!  I also am a bible believing christian and became concerned about the end times after listening to a radio series that Dr. David Jeremiah did on the book of Revelation.  I have carried a burden to pray for the unsaved in my life even more fervently since then (a few years ago).  I must say that this since of urgency to keep praying has become even greater after reading and viewing your videos.    I think that what you are doing is wonderful and I personally commend you for speaking out and getting this kind of information out there.    Just this morning when I opened up your page I watched the video from you latest post about the government killing us through their mandatory vaccines.  I have a little boy that is 18 months old and just took him for his last set of vaccines earlier in the week.  They told me that he would not have to have anymore until he was four years old.  My husband and I have had our concerns about letting the Dr. give him vaccines from the very beginning but after talking with our pastor and praying about the situation we decided to go ahead with them.  He is the only child that we have and the only one that we plan to have in the future so I did not see home schooling as an option and want my son to go to our small local public school.  I have know doubt that God is watching over my family and I and will keep us safe, but now that I have heard my fears be confirmed from your video I wonder if I stop all vaccinations in the future and if they won’t let him go to school then that is just the way it is.  What do you think about my situation and what would you do personally?   Thank You,   Megan


      • My posts are not to scare just notify people of what others are concerned about regarding the NWO depopulation plan through soft kill technology. We are to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. I know many are concerned about attending school in the future if they discontinue vaccination. I would not be concerned with that at this time. The thing is to be in prayer as you are and watching. I believe that some interesting things are going to happen soon related to Ison and the 2 other comets. Just remember that the news points your attention in the wrong direction and we need to be looking for what is being avoided. We are not to have a spirit of fear. My only concern is for the lost members of our families. Isaiah 66:24 really strikes home how scary it is for those that will reject Christ. I put this in my Dracula post because it visually hit home to me a vision of hell and boy do I feel for those who are putting off Christ. Thanks for your nice remarks. I hope to keep putting up useful articles for Christians that will benefit them.

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