Illuminati indoctrination of youth–Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

As many who read my blogs know, I have a special interest in media which targets the youth through music videos, movies and cartoons. I have noticed that all these avenues push occult & pagan themes and serve as an entertaining way of educating children in witchcraft right under the noses of their parents. This is the primary storyline being promoted by the illuminati. They believe they are the descendents of the fallen angels and the daughters of men. They believe they have a rite to rule over the sheeple. The term half blood is what is commonly used to refer to the godmen.
Christians should be aware that the Greek and Roman mythology taught in Liberal Arts education parallels the Biblical accounts found in the pre-flood world of Noah and the Genesis 6 stories of the fallen angels and the daughters of Men. This of course was the great desire of Sir Francis Bacon in writing the New Atlantis and the founding of the United States of America. I think it is rather obvious to anyone watching world events that Christianity is being attacked and the occult satanic world view is being promoted. If after viewing this character clip of Percy Jackson, you cannot see the obvious occult agenda being spread then you are going to need to spend time in prayer asking for spiritual discernment in these last days.


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